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Mission Statement

My mission is to build an innovative, collective, and imaginative community that empowers small businesses and local communities through consulting and networking.

Together, we can create what once was a dream, into a thriving business by cultivating ideas and collaborating for sustainable success.


Hello there!

I'm Joel Cox, a proud native of Asheville, North Carolina.



My journey kicked off with a role in company management at a private, family-run young adult trauma care facility in Western NC. Following that, I ventured overseas to combat anti-sex trafficking in Northern Thailand. While contributing to marketing and sponsorship for the National Thailand Team, I led large groups on tours throughout the country, aiming to educate them on how to engage and make a positive impact in the global fight against trafficking. Concluding my time there, I developed and implemented business courses for rescued teens through the certified Yobel International Business Program, completing my mission and seeking new horizons.


My Goal. My Desire.

My mission extends beyond identifying the challenges your business faces; I'm also here to explore and address the personal struggles that may contribute to those challenges.

Let's whip your business into shape.

And who knows, with a bit of luck, you might discover more about yourself along the way.

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