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Where Small Businesses finally have the ability to

advertise and market themselves in cost-efficient ways

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Balancing Act Podcast

recording now!

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Join us on Balancing Act as we embark on a thought-provoking journey into the intricate relationship between our business endeavors and personal aspirations.


Brought to you by Bilt Media and Hosted by Joel Cox, this podcast delves into one important question: "Why do we wake up and do this every day?"


Through engaging discussions with experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, we unravel the multifaceted dynamics that shape our definition of our personal success. From the boardroom to the home front, we explore how our professional and personal lives intersect, influence, and enrich one another.

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Welcome to

underground magazine

This is an experiment. A local marketing dream of mine come true. I set out for a place where small business startups could have the opportunity to advertise their ideas without spending the majority of their capitol doing it.


A place where artists can showcase their work to the public.


A place where musicians can provide exclusive information.


But why an outdated magazine?


Because if I know anything about marketing, it’s that we all need slow the hell down. Marketing is a fast paced world where only the highly adaptable survive. If you didn’t make it in soon enough, or have enough money to throw at it, you lost out to your quicker, hungrier competitor.


underground magazine is for those of us who enjoy a slow read in the morning. Something that’s not another screen that throws the next flashiest thing at you.


Why underground?

Because we’re the people that walk this city. The one’s that actually move it. Large corporate businesses and multi-million dollar clubs aren’t the people of this town.


We are.


And as I continue to speak to more and more small business owners and startups, I’ve learned that we need a place to go.

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